Cidre bouché

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Turberville Cidre Bouché; a unique and almost entirely new concept within the UK Cider market.

Our Cidre..

What is Cidre bouché?

Cidre bouché, or literally 'cider with a cork' is a 100% pure apple juice cider, that undergoes two special processes during its making which see it become wholly unique to what we would consider as conventional English Cider. These are full 'maceration' of the juice prior to pressing 'keeving' which involves the removal of bitter tannins so that only the purest juice is fermented. The still cider is placed in a corked champagne style bottle where rapid second fermentation occurs giving Cidre Bouch' a vibrant natural sparkle. Furthermore, throughout the process no concentrated juice or water is added; the result is a golden, full bodied Cidre that is literally bursting with the tastes and aromas of the late summer orchard.

And how should I drink it?

Cidre bouché is made for sharing and as cold as possible on a hot summers day, preferably over ice. We recommend drinking it from a wine glass rather than tumbler where you can swill the Cidre around to agitate those lazy summer fragrances.

And when?

Cidre bouché can be drunk at anytime, however, its low alcohol content and highly refreshing nature make it perfect for that lunch time aperitif. As such we invite you to celebrate every little moment with Turberville Cidre Bouch'!

Our apple juice is made fresh, never from concentrate.

The Process..

Only locally sourced apples from the Pays D'Auge region in Normandy, are allowed to be used in the making of Cidre Bouch'. For generations local farmers and growers have collected their apples during the autumn and brought them to the Cidery for making into their special cider.

At the Cidery the apples are manually sorted; bad apples are removed and only the best apples washed prior to being diced up ready for pressing.

The clean apples pass through a special machine that gently breaks them into a pulp where the first piece of magic takes place; maceration. Once the apples are diced up and the juices exposed, the pulp is allowed to sit for between 12 to 24 hrs. This sitting of the juices amongst the body of the apple is known as maceration and allows for two key pieces of Chemistry to occur. Firstly, it allows for the juices to take on the full body and aromas of the apple (you really can smell the orchard on the final product!) and secondly it allows for the bitter tannins (proteins) to be drawn out and exposed for future removal.

After the allocated period of maceration, the pulp is eventually pressed where the second secret part of the process is applied; keeving.

Keeving (or as the French say "cuvee") see's the heavy juices being rested for up to a week under cold and dark conditions. Over a period of time the larger pieces of sediment within the juice fall to the bottom of the vat as lees, but also, the tannins (proteins) that have been exposed during the maceration now also separates from the juice and rises to the top where it gathers as a brown 'mousse' known as Le Capeau Brune (the brown cap). The result is that you are left with a fantastically clear and pure juice in the middle that contains only the very best bits of the apple; it is this very special juice that is now fermented to make the Cidre.

Once the still juice has been fermented to the specifically desired alcohol/sugar level (and has become cider) it is then bottled where traditionally second fermentation is allowed to occur at an accelerated rate, which produces the light natural sparkle associated with Cidre Bouch'. Owing to the intense pressure produced by this type fermentation, the early producers quickly realised that a stronger bottle with a wired cork was required to save explosion and hence today Cidre Bouch' is served from a corked bottle and can literally said to be bursting with the tastes of summer!

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Doux (Sweet) 2.5% Vol

Perfect for a summers afternoon, a full bodied cider that retains a lot of the apple qualities in taste and aroma.

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A higher alcohol delightfully dry, crisp cider and perfect for those long summer evenings.

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Half Brut and Half Doux. A great gift, or choice for you to try both.

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